Areas of Practice

Insurance Defense.
Williams, Moliterno & Scully Co., L.P.A. recognizes that the competition to represent major property and casualty insurance carriers is ever increasing. The firms that will survive and prosper in this market are firms that can balance the need to provide first-class representation of the insured with respect for the bottom line of the insurer. Our commitment to technology, together with the ability of our lawyers to quickly and accurately evaluate cases, allows us to achieve the optimum result at a minimum cost. Our representation as trial lawyers means the other side is well aware of the fact that if the matter is not resolved by settlement that a trial will result. This often means cases can be settled early, with a minimum of expense.

Insurance Coverage.
Williams, Moliterno & Scully Co., L.P.A. has established a solid reputation in reference to attorneys dedicated primarily to the issues of insurance coverage. These are experienced counsel with special expertise in research techniques. They provide a valuable resource to other attorneys in the firm as well as directly handling those projects that fall within their area of expertise. This representation of major property and casualty insurance carriers in reference to issues of coverage also encompasses litigation involving allegations of bad faith against those clients. We are well versed in all of those areas and have had members of the firm lecture on issues of bad faith and insurance coverage to many of our clients as well as participate in continuing legal education seminars.

Business and Individual Representation.
Williams, Moliterno & Scully Co., L.P.A. actively represents businesses and individuals in various civil trial matters. These matters include representation involving injury and insurance issues, employment issues, workers compensation, contract matters, consumer law matters, construction litigation, environmental and toxic tort issues, product liability issues and premises liability litigation. We have represented, and will continue to represent, businesses as well as individuals in civil trial matters, particularly where there is no insurance coverage to assist these clients. Our experience in representing businesses and individuals has broadened our expertise and given us new techniques and methods with which to assist all of our clients.

What We Offer

Trial success.
Our recent verdicts demonstrate a willingness and ability to try cases.

Accurate and timely communication.
We quickly convey the information that our clients need to know.

Attention to detail.
The quality in our work comes through in our attention to the details.

Pragmatic solutions.
We provide results that work.

Our history of delivering quality results continues in every case we handle.

We keep our knowledge base up-to-date by carefully studying ongoing changes in the complexities of the law.

Our lean billings provide superior value to our clients.