Daliah N. Beattie Maloney v. Christopher Smith

Summit County Court of Common Pleas, Judge Patricia Cosgrove, Jury Trial, Case No. CV2018-12-4968. Verdict February 14, 2020. Rear-end collision. Proximate cause & damages at issue. Cervical epidural injection at issue.

Rieger v. Giant Eagle, Inc.

The Ohio Supreme Court entered judgment in the case of Rieger v. Giant Eagle, Inc., 157 O.S.3rd 512, 2019-Ohio-3745. The Court ruled in favor of Defendant Giant Eagle reversing a civil jury trial held in October 2016 which resulted in a verdict against Giant Eagle in the amount of $121,000 in compensatory damages and $1,198,000 in punitive damages. After the …

Alysia Powers v. Diana Goodpasture

Summit County Court of Common Pleas. Judge John Haan, Jury Trial, Case No. CV2017-01-0309. Verdict June 21, 2019. Disputed liability. Minor chased by dog ran into the street where she was struck by a school van driven by Defendant. Defense Verdict.

Yinyan Guo v. Rebecca Delaney

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Magistrate Mark Petrucci, Jury Trial, Case No. 17CV007907. Verdict March 20, 2019. Intersection action where both parties claimed to have the right-of-way. Medicals included comminuted compound fracture of femur, open reduction and external fixation.